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Why you need a qualified lawyer being part of the company team:

  • Using the services of a lawyer upon real estate transactions, you get security and protection of your interests in case of unloyal behavior on behalf of the counterparties or unfair conduct by brokers and construction companies.

  • Using the services of a lawyer before entering into a contract, you get protection of your interests in case of default.

  • Your interests will be better protected before, rather than after the conclusion of any transaction. Look for a lawyer before you sign any document.

  • If upon closing deals you trust yourself or an agency or a person without special education and if you have no special knowledge, you take the risk the amount of the saved lawyer’s fee to be much lower than the damages you may suffer in future.

  • One case of life, neighbors, family or business with unpleasant consequences for you, your family and your company would have a different outcome if you use a lawyer in time when saving him nothing of the information you have available.


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