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We, law firm “Klichanov & Co.” provide maximum protection of the interests of our clients and ensure fast and efficient achievement of optimal results. Our legal advice is efficient in terms of time and money. Our main objective has always been to provide the best solution for you in the particular situation.

To facilitate the entire business of companies law firm “Klichanov & Co.” proposes to sign a contract for Subscription legal services. We provide highly qualified legal services to Bulgarian and foreign individuals and legal entities for a monthly subscription fee. The Subscription legal services is a form of service where for a specified period of time, any and all legal services required for the normal business operations of the Client are provided, including solving of his sudden legal issues.

The subscription fee includes all services detailed on the website of the office.

Full legal services to clients provide them peace and security, solving the problems having arisen by a specialist who knows the company’s activities in detail and whom they can rely to. Thus, against payment of a monthly subscription fee for a pre-arranged amount of legal services and reduced further payment for legal services above that limit, the subscribed clients receive special attention and urgent legal services.


Our clients contractors under subscription services contracts are guaranteed priority consideration and timely resolution of any legal problems having arisen. This approach helps us to provide timely and competent legal services at reasonable prices.

The Subscription legal services provide customers with: 

  • Optimal legal protection and assistance considering the specific features related to his activities;
  • Implementation of a comprehensive and long-term legal concept for his development and optimization of his business;
  • A fixed monthly fee for a certain amount of legal services;
  • Reduced cost of the legal services performed by a qualified lawyer;
  • Saved costs for the legal staff;
  • Solutions consistent with the individual characteristics and specificity of the business;
  • Special attention and priority service over other clients;
  • Readiness for a maximum promt and optimal solution of all issues;
  • Constant and urgent legal services to the client, fully consistent with his needs and problems in the exercise of his activities.

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