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Terms of use and money reward 

The general conditions regulate the relationship between us and our clients in the process of assigning as well as performing legal services and legal help. They can be regulated in an individual contract signed with our association.
Our general conditions can be characterized as follows

Quality control

- When we are assigned a task a thorough control for quality and timely execution is carried out.
- For each separate case you will be informed of the lawyer or the associate who will deal with its solution.
- All our clients will be duly and properly informed on the course of their trials.


- Each assignment/commission delegated to a lawyer or associate will be considered as delegated to the association. Respectively the company performs the task and the payment of expenses and fees is done to the association bank account.


- The information that is known to us in relation to the service of our clients is considered top secret.
- The standpoints and documents prepared by the association are intended only for the respective clients and the same cannot be used by third parties without the explicit written consent of the association.
- After the execution of the assigned tasks is completed all papers and documents are handed back to the respective client upon request or are kept into the association’s archives for 5 years after which are destroyed.

Our goal is to find the most useful result for the client. This can be achieved only if by assigning the work we are presented the whole available information. Very often presenting the actual information on time has a crucial importance for the protection of full value of the rights and legal interest of the client.

Our attorney’s fees are based on the professional skills into each separate case and are according to the complexity of the provided legal service. Our attorney’s fees reflect the time and the efforts used for the certain legal issue resolving; as well they are based on the protected material interest.

Our attorney’s fees do not include the expenses; they are payable separately from our fees. The expenses include: state, municipal, notary, judicial fees, fees for postal and courier services, photocopying, taxi services, business trips etc.

According to Article 39 of the Bar Act of Republic of Bulgaria, Law Firm Klichanov & Co has a special attorney’s client’s bank account, where all which all expenses of the clients shall be transferred. Under an explicit request of the client he is informed about the amount of the balance of the account and the amount of the expenses and fees on each stage of the process of our legal work.

c If any of the attorney’s fees is not paid on time, the Law gives us the option to stop working on this case, but the remuneration for the work, performed to this moment has to be paid. When a client gives up without well-founded reasons, deposit is not returnable.

In our work we follow some basic principles:

  • Correctness
  • Professionalism
  • Loyalty
  • Confidentiality
  • Expedition
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